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Henry's Reserve

Our Reserve wine is unique every year. We let each season, each barrel, each varietal guide us in crafting this rare blend. Our approach differentiates from what most people expect from a Reserve wine – rather than the best lots of a single varietal or extra care for designated barrels – ours is driven by what nature and vinification techniques result from each year. We exist to make great wine, therefore all of our lots are made with the utmost quality at our disposal – we treat every drop the same. It’s the standout barrels and varietals that rise above all expectations each year, from which we select pay close attention to, when blending the reserve program, only yielding about a single barrel or two. This is Henry’s Reserve – the constant pursuit of the most authentic expression, each year, from what fruit this historic vineyard provides us. It never will be, nor is meant to be, the same.


Our Reserve wine is a very rare selection of Estate fruit, paying homage to Henry Alphonse Pellet. Each year we craft a special blend of using the standout fruit from our vineyard micro-blocks, whose predominant composition of varietal and/or grape clone will change each harvest, expressing the pinnacle of the Pellet Vineyard terroir. About 30 cases produced.